MOMOcrats need to host the next Dem debate

Barack and Hillary need a nice trip to the woodshed, and I can think of no better people to take them there than the MOMOcrats. The two recalcitrant candidates are at each other’s throats again…..what, TWO DAYS after they promised to stop sniping at each other? Read about their disrespectful tirades HERE. The MOMcrats support John Edwards, but I’m sure their maternal instincts make them madder than a wet hornets nest to watch these two crabbing and snarling at each other like a couple spoiled two-year olds. These two slinging regan and wal mart at each other is like watching a couple brats spitting at each other. So, I suggest that the MOMcrats host the next debate and send the offending parties to their room to think about what they’ve done and maybe even give these potty-mouths a soap sandwich for good measure.