Iowa likes Obama and schmuckaby

Defying all odds and “conventional” wisdom,two relative newcomers emerged victorious in yesterdays Iowa caucus. Barak Obama won the Democratic vote by a mile putting to rest the “inevitability” of Hillary. HERE’S how the entrance polls broke down for the Dems. Young people made a HUGE difference for the Obama campaign. The biggest bloc Hill attracted were the old folks. It goes to show ya that big money doesn’t always translate into big wins. I think another factor is the fact that Bill and Hill went REALLY negative against Barak, hinting that he was a crack dealer and a BLACK crack dealer as well.Whether it was on purpose or just some low-level operative, THAT tactic blew up in her face.

Speaking of big money and negativity, slick-willie mitt ate the big one. The slicky-boy mormon blew through MILLIONS and wound up eating poo poo. The big winner spent a LOT less money and attracted the vast majority of the “flat-earthers” which are the base of the GOPer voters. These lemmings need to be led because they are trained to just “have faith”, do what they are told and don’t think. They are also put off by things they don’t relate to like…..mormons. Romney is slicker than an eel dipped in WD40. He went REALLY negative and the wacko Iowa GOPers were having none of it, they felt like they were protecting Jesus himself. HERE’S how the GOPers broke down. The REALLY rich city folks went for slick-willie mitt and the “Jesus-camp” crowd ALL went for schmuckaby. Shudder as I imagine a schmuckaby administration. Pat Robertson as sec state, Sam Brownback as sec education, Tom Delay as sec treas, chuck norris as sec def and Elaine chao as sec labor. *shudder*

So now it’s off to New Hampshire. We’ll see if the candidates on BOTH side learned anything from Iowa. ONE thing is crystal clear. The party favorites are losing BIG time among voters. The “conventional wisdom” (read as corporate media)ain’t so wise.Looks like a dog-fight. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.