2007 REALLY sucked for a lot of us. Thank God it’s over, good riddance. 2008 promises to be an…interesting year. It’s an election year. We will have a chance to elect a new president and I don’t think many folks are sorry to see the bush/cheney creeps hit the road. That is IF they don’t suspend the constitution cancel the election and declare martial law. There are those who believe that they just might really DO that. It’s a sad day in our great country’s history when American citizens actually believe that our “leaders” might actually do such a thing, but what with their history of crapping on the constitution and lying to us so often……

There were a few good things that did happen. Our intelligence agencies decided that cheney would NOT lie us into an unnecessary war yet again. They poured cold water on the dirty scheming liars to avoid being set up and played like suckers and then be blamed for the wild claims they made last time. Thank God for their courage in the face of the evil,satanic forces that have gutted our credibility and stature in the world.

The GOP stands a good chance of total slaughter in the next election. The only ones who can screw it up is the Democratic leadership. If they continue to cower like they have, and base their strategy on what oxi-rush or the twisted freaks on fox news might say about them, well…then it’s ANYones guess what will happen this November. So it’s up to US to let them know that we won’t tolerate cowards in EITHER party. So happy New Year everyone. Pay attention and get to work. WE have to elect smart, BRAVE people.