Dottering old john wins Florida, rat mouth rudy starts sucking up

Really old john mCcain won the Florida primary today. Slicky-mitt came in second although he once again, spent millions. Read about it HERE. Florida has a LOT of really old people and they love old guys. Poor old rat-mouth rudy came in a distant third despite (or maybe because) the fact he has been living there for the last few months. He seems to have made a mistake in judgment……imagine rudy having a lapse in judgment, in ignoring the last few states and putting all his rotten eggs in one basket. LOL!! Rudy blew through about fifty million dollars and wound up with NO wins and get this, ONE delegate. LOL!! One thing you can say about Florida voters is they must pay attention. Slick-willie mitt’s multi million dollar ad campaign went over like a fart in a two man submarine. LOL!! Speaking of the slick one, he had his MLK day triumph. Check THIS out. Mr smooth guy really impressed his small African American audience with his knowledge of their “lingo”. ONE, I wonder if he was wearing a vest under his starched white shirt along with his magic mormon underpants. Two, some of what he said was kinda unintelligible. I can only guess. ” So, are you bros going to be grubbing on some chitterlings and grits and waddymellon in your bad cribs?” Pathetic.
It looks like old rudy is going out with a sneer, yuckaby is about tied with rudy, proving his only win WAS a fluke. The baggy-eyed America-hater ron paul is a flash in the pan, he was below rudy AND yuckaby. LOL!! AGAIN! During the last debate, yuckaby referred to WMD as Easter eggs. This guy refers to “nookuler” bombs as Easter eggs and he’s telling you that HE should be president? Come on mike. The devil is sticking his pitchfork in your ass trying to tell you you’re done.
Bottom line is that OLD mCcain is leading the charge into “stupor” Tuesday, but has no money, and now an endorsement from rudy. BUT, Cindy looks fabulous. No kidding, she looks great. Slick willie mitt is ethnically challenged, no one likes or trusts him but he has a shit-load of money. The rest of the field is limping along making fools out of themselves. I can’t WAIT for the next GOP debate. Just when you think they’ve said about every stupid thing you can imagine, they top it.