DAMMIT! John Edwards out!

While laughing at rudy’s free-fall story on CNN, breaking news came up. I was expecting a new brittney spears freakout or maybe a big announcement that bush will veto everything congress does forever AND hold his breath till he turns blue…. THEN we’ll be sorry. BUT THIS is what I saw. I know John’s campaign has been ignored by the MSM (many strange men), but he brought Democratic principles to the debates. He is truly concerned about those of us who are getting screwed by the corporate culture. He has planned to go out where he came in, NOLA. New Orleans is the concrete symbol of all that has gone wrong with our country in the last decade. John Edwards spoke to the true concerns of all of us “not-rich” people.
I would like to thank all those Edwards supporters for getting into the political fray. Now is NOT the time to drop out and quit being active. We have to hold the two surviving candidate’s feet to the fire and boldly ask them: “WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO FOR US???!!!”. We also need to let them know loud and proud that we will NOT support bush-lite. Good luck and God speed John Edwards, you and Elizibeth are in our thoughts.