bush’s (at) LAST sotu

The last bush humiliation of our great country happened last night in our nation’s capitol. Addressing a joint congress,supreme court and his loony cabinet, he fell back on all the stupidity that has his approval rating about a point higher than castro. There was the typical 9/11 killer/ terrsts under-every-bed so-be-afraid mess. Then he bragged about saving us from the terrsts that were going to fly a plane into the “liberty” building in California despite the fact they didn’t have any money,tickets, plans or brains. He wants to make his leisure-class tax cuts “permient”. Sure dub, figure out what got us INTO this mess and do MORE of it. Brilliant. His idea to fix the fact that almost fifty million Americans have no medical insurance? Medical savings accounts. Sure. After we pay our sky-rocketing mortgages, three dollar gas, food costs going up double-digit, soaring insurance premiums, local taxes going through the roof to make up for the Federal “gummint” abandoning us….after all THAT, we are supposed to put a couple hundred thousand away to pay for the heart attack all that stress puts on us. Again….BRILLIANT!
The numbskull-in-chief mentioned America’s “failing” public schools. Jeeze, why do you suppose they are failing you moron? The gop-led congress has spent the last few years gutting the budgets of a LOT of things, schools included. So what is his plan to address this major American problem? Is he advocating rebuilding our once great public school system? Nope. He wants to give twohundredfifty million to the evangeli-tards. Free taxpayer money to a bunch of thieves and hypocrites whose “schools” bush ADMITS are dropping like flies. Ya see? These “faith-based” things are basically charter schools. The Elmer Gantry types get all this free taxpayer money and open a “school”. They then have to pay for their administrators of course, and GAWD has a plan to make SURE the faithful prosper. And prosper they do. So like all other neo-tard programs, they get the money and run, with NO accountability. AGAIN, brilliant.
War, killers, terrsts, 9/11, tax cuts, trade “agreements”, did I mention terrst killers, nookuler bombs, iran killer terrsts, 9/11, tax cuts, did I mention terrst killers who hate our freedoms,tax cuts and of course terrst killer tax cuts FOR terrst killers. That’s about it. If you missed it, you didn’t miss anything you haven’t heard before. And hopefully you won’t hear it again.