Rat-mouth rudy profiting from terrorists

It’s been written on this site that rat-mouth rudy’s main campaign contributers are “vulture” capitalists. These dirty rats make hundreds of millions from the poorest countries on the planet by buying loans,suing the debtor country and then draining their bank accounts of OUR taxpayer monies allocated by congress to keep them from starving to death. REAL moral guy, this rudy. NOW it’s been reported in the Village Voice in an article written by Wayne Barrett that rudy does MILLIONS of dollars in business with the royal family of Qatar. Mr Barrett writes about these schmucks tipping off the mastermind of 9/11 that the FBI was looking for him,thus allowing him to escape. The company rudy started after 9/11 does a mountain of cash worth of business with rudy as it’s “security consultant”.

There is SO little investigative reporting nowadays and it is refreshing to read a real article without political spin, going where the story leads instead of where the corporate masters dictate. This isn’t an easy piece to read because there are a lot of Arabic names. BUT it tells the story of a sleaze bag cashing in from the very people who were helpful in the planning and execution of the disaster rudy ALSO uses for his own political aggrandizement. With the recent revelations that rudy used city resources for his own shack-up with a woman he was cheating on his wife who was also using city resources in the mayor’s mansion. JESUS what a slug rudy is. PLEASE GOP nominate him……PLEASE!!!!