Prometa,60 minutes presents their piece tonight

CBS news 60 minutes will air the spot they produced tonight (Sunday 12/09/07) at 7:00PM. I am curious as to whether the professionals at CBS did THEIR homework, OR they will engage in the lazy,incompetent drivel our local publication used to promote the political aspirations of a big fat slob. Plain,pure and simple, the local publication smeared the sitting county exec, the renown drug treatment professionals at Pierce County Alliance in order to stay in the good graces of the interests who buy the ads in their cat box liner. The problem is that they also allowed a big fat schmuck on the council to get away with sliming Pierce County. Great PR job. I can see the website for the Chamber of Commerce; “Move your business to Pierce County where the top officials are corrupt, our main treatment for massive meth use is ineffective and politics trumps science. But don’t leave any copper wire where an untreated tweeker can get it. And there are MANY alarm companies to try to keep your merchandise safe”.

We’ll see how CBS presents tonight. We at Equal Time have done three shows on Prometa. The only folks who support it are the treatment professionals who use the protocol, the addicts who have received it and the prosecutors who represent the PEOPLE of Pierce County in family and felony drug courts. The ones who oppose the continuation of the study here are cheap chickenshit slob-ass politicians and a paper that is so desperate to sell ads that they will sell out the county to keep their dwindling revenue rolling in. Like I said, we’ll see.

UPDATE!! Well they aired the piece and I admit it LOOKED like CBS tried to take a fair look at the Prometa protocol. They did their best to make the Hythiam CEO look shifty, they also presented the “brief to consider the feasibility of doing a performance audit” look like a scientific study. The imbeciles on our County Council got to be on national TV, looking concerned and almost like they were paying attention and like they were actually considering doing ANYTHING but the political bidding of the bunny.They should be voted out of office….ALL of them. The CBS crew never interviewed the professionals at Pierce County Alliance OR the prosecutors that deal with meth/crack addicts every day. Who cares what THEY think anyway, bunch of do-gooders.

I’m MORE disgusted with the Democrats on the county council than the republicans. They sat there in silence while the bunny and lee ripped the PCA to shreds implying they were trying to scam people for their own enrichment. GAWD I almost retched. But what the hell do I know, I’m just a liberal who cares more about treating addiction than back-room deals and “compromise”. There are double-blind placebo studies due in the next couple months. I wonder if CBS, the local scandal sheet OR the wretches on the county council will take a fresh look at this issue if the scientific studies differ from the sham document the bunny butt smootchers provided for their hatchet job. I WILL admit it on the air IF Prometa turns out to be a scam. BUT I won’t retract my comments about the lousy job the council did OR the incompetent reportage provided by the local “what passes for newspaper” louts.