Larry Craig,liar,hypocrit,republican US Senator

Someone should tell Larry Craig (R-Idaho) that there are worse things to be than a gay man. There is NO shame in being what and who you are.If you are ashamed of what and who you are, talk to a councilor or clergyman. (IF you can find a clergyman who won’t burn you at the stake for being GAY that is) Yet another article was published in Sunday’s Idaho Statesman Review regarding the REPUBLICAN Senator’s sexual hijinks with gay men over the years. They wrote about interviews with four of Larry-the-liar’s(R-Idaho) ……conquests. BUT ABC news has since written about EIGHT men, ALL with similar stories about Craig’s (R-Idaho) shabby treatment of them.Read it HERE, but be warned, you MAY vomit in your mouth a little. Jesus, he doesn’t even get undressed to……copulate, he just unzips. GAWD! What a CREEP!!! THEN, he can’t get them out of his sight fast enough. You can listen to the interviews HERE. Again, it’s NOT for the faint of heart.

This post has NOTHING to do with being gay or even Craig (R-Idaho) being an unabashed liar. I think he (R-Idaho) must be a real miserable son of a bitch. He must have a self-loathing, pathological psychosis that transcends ALL the lying and hypocrisy. He hides in bathroom stalls, back alleys and at gay bars in constant fear of being discovered. But maybe that’s the thrill, the fear of being caught and held to account. The MOST disgusting aspect of this whole God Damn mess is that he uses people like toilet paper. He deposits his …fluids in them and then can’t get rid of them fast enough, and then never looks back, denying that they exist.

JESUS, it must be hard to be so pious and self-righteous. The GOP produces people like the mayor of Spokane (Pronounced- spo-CAN) who ranted and raved about the abomination of being gay, and then admitted that he would sit at his city hall desk and cruise for gay kids on his computer while masturbating. Then there was the State rep here in Washington who dressed up in his womens underpants and hung out in gay kink stores getting hummers in the kink-movie booths and when he got the real thing, stiffed the kid and then reported it to police when his wallet turned up missing and was SHOCKED when the sordid mess wound up in the media.

Aside from being black-mailable and wretched, these people are just plain hateful and contemptuous of all that is human. To quote an op-ed written by an Australian during the midst of the Clinton/Lewinski debacle: “Thank God we got the prisoners and THEY got the puritans” .