KBR,boys will be gang rapists…so what’s yer point?

Jamie Leigh Jones was gang raped by several KBR employees two YEARS ago and apparently has NO legal recourse. Ms Jones now 22 years old was only twenty when this vicious attack occurred.She was drugged and repeatedly vaginally and anally raped by several KBR private contractors in the green zone of Baghdad. Brian Ross of ABC’s 20/20 reports on the story HERE. This story reflects the stone-hearted attitude of the whole damn Iraq mess our beloved administration has created.When L.Paul Bremmer,Viceroy first went to Iraq to oversee the rebuilding process, the FIRST thing he did was to hold harmless ALL corporations in the whole damn country. There are NO laws pertaining to private corporations in Iraq. They can kill,rape, steal and torture at will with impunity. Of course the Uniform Code of Military Justice applies to the troops the GOP claims to support, THAT’S why there are reservists rotting in prison for what is likely a CIA or private contractor torture issue throughout Iraq.

We KNOW the animals in the current administration give less than a rat’s ASS about what happens to people whose skin is brown. The State Department’s Blackwater mercenaries open fire on Iraqis for the hell of it. The Blackwater mercenaries were in NOLA before botteled water, protecting gated communities and stores with lethal force and lethal results….from black folks.

What is surprising about THIS incident is that it involves a pretty,white, green-eyed blond girl from Texas. She looks like she could qualify for the Dallas cheerleader squad. She was twenty when these monsters drugged her, passed her around like a toilet and when she told her supervisors about the vicious attack was locked in a God Damn storage container under armed guard (Private contractors again OF COURSE!!) and threatened with being fired. There was ONE guard who had SOME compassion and let her use his cell phone. She called her daddy in Texas and HE called his congressman, Ted Poe (R-Texas) who contacted the State Department who took her to a military hospital where she received treatment. The rape kit indicated that this poor kid had been vaginally AND anally raped. Of course that evidence disappeared. Nobody will be held accountable for what happened to this poor kid at the hands of AMERICANS from an AMERICAN corporation. Her only recourse is arbitration from an arbitrator hired by and under the employment OF the corporation whose employees raped her.

We Americans are so outraged by the treatment of women in Islamic countries. They are jailed and whipped for being raped and stoned to death for adultery. The main difference between us and THEM is that at least the rapists are jailed as well. HERE we just chortle and say that “boys will be boys” and “they were just letting off steam” or “she MUST have egged them on, that’s what she gets for being pretty”. Ms Jones hasn’t been whipped by her government, but she HAS been bitch-slapped by KBR, the State Department, the Department of Justice and the President of the United States. And what of her rapists? They are free to continue being boys.

(Hat tip to Traci Kelly co-host,EqualTime for alerting me to this outrageous story)