HOLY JUMPIN JIMMINY JESUS! Now the DEMOCRATS are doing it!! Jane Harmon (wacko-dem Cal) has introduced and PASSED a piece of shit called the “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007”. Read it and WEEP…… for your country! This thing is gonna un-leash the demons of HELL on American citizens in the form of “commissions” which will compel American citizens to be hauled before a GOVERNMENT tribunal and be FORCED to PROVE they are patriotic Americans who are no threat to their OWN government. By threat, I mean a very LOOSE definition here. JESUS H CHRIST! By THESE standards, ANYone or ANY group could be defined as a terrorist threat. Ya know like, Quakers, PETA, DEMOCRATS, KKK, Greenpeace, Vote Vets.org, the PTA, ALL churches, the NRA, labor unions, everyone in the United States and everyone BORN in the US.

Think ole Frank is a bit hysterical? Picture THIS. At the end of the eighteen months of these “bush-league Torquemada’s” holding their inquisitions, this bill allows for PRIVATE corporations to enforce the findings. HOLY SHIT!! My skin is crawling. Just by writing THIS, I am subject to what ever consequences these bastards deem appropriate. What will THOSE be? Prison? Forfeiture of all assets?Rendition and torture? Death? Public burning at the stake? Who knows, this piece of shit doesn’t have any limits.AND it’s permanent!!!!!!!

Here’s a novel idea. Why the HELL don’t you scumbags find out who tried to kill Patrick Lehey,Tom Dashel and Tom Brokaw with anthrax? Why not mandate that your hero bush find and bring bin-slobbin to justice before you allocate one more God Damn penny for the Iraq occupation? Why don’t you just ask your hero BUSH what they have learned about us from SPYING on every electronic communication AND snail-mail piece we have sent for the last SEVEN YEARS!!????? We expect this kind of shit from bush/cheney and the rats in the GOP, but from DEMOCRATS?? Max FACTOR don’t make enough lipstick for THIS pig. Our constitution has had more attacks and insults over the last seven years than at any time in our country’s history. Now THIS……FROM DEMOCRATS!!!! GOD DAMMIT!

SO, whenever we hear any whining from the Dems about the military commissions act, about the “patriot act”, about private contractors here AND Iraq,or ANYthing the rats in the GOP have done to us, we MUST call bullshit on them. If they don’t revisit this SOON, we need to vote them out of office…. ALL of them. This outrage on the American people now heads off to the Senate. ALL of us HAVE to call our Senators and tell them that as they wish to watch US….we are watching THEM, and how they vote. I will also be calling MY congressman to ask him what the HELL he was thinking when he voted for this insane bill. I would advise YOU to do the same…… WHILE YOU STILL CAN!!!!!