Harry Reid, mormon,coward, bush enabler

The American people voted for Democrats in the last election because they were pissed. They were pissed about the war, the lying that got us INTO the war and the complete devastation of our civil liberties. We were all sick of being spied on by the GOP goons and expected US Democrats to DO something about it. The new Senate majority leader they elected is a tough mormon, Marine and a boxer. We ALL thought that HE wouldn’t take any crap from the goons in the administration. I thought he wouldn’t take any crap. But today he caved in yet AGAIN. Read THIS and weep. Harry is the majority leader and controls what hits the floor of the Senate. HE allowed this hold-harmless piece of crap on the floor. This makes it clear to those of us paying attention that he has sided with the illegal spying on American citizens. Now when ANYone is elected to Congress, they take an oath and within that oath is a sentence that promises before God to preserve, protect and defend the constitution against ALL enemies foreign AND domestic.So what IS it Harry? Don’t mormons believe in God? Are they ALL liars? Are you too stupid to understand your oath? Are the telecoms more important than your soul? Your honor? The MAJORITY??

Senator Chris Dodd tried his damn level best to prevent “hapless harry” from shitting on our freedom and blowing his snotty nose on our constitution but to no avail. Read about it HERE. Our Senator Maria Cantwell tried to keep this from happening, but again, to no avail.

Look, Harry Reid is a Marine, a boxer, he spent the better part of the last two decades in the minority, and he chooses NOW to become a chickenshit coward!?? He came in like gangbusters and then just stitched his lips to bush/cheney’s ass? Between Pelosie in the house and Reid in the Senate, bush hasn’t HAD it better. So how do I sell this to the people I am supposed to be convincing to join up and vote FOR Democrats Harry? What do I tell the independents and even pissed off GOPers I encounter? What do I tell ’em Harry ? Vote for Democrats because we stand up against….DEMOCRATS???Jesus, get a grip. Wring the piss out of your magic mormon underpants and DO something for this country you profess to be so concerned about. And don’t you DARE bitch about bush anymore, YOU are FAR worse that HE ever thought of being. How DARE you. Just quit Harry. You are more of an embarrassment to us (remember US? Democrats?) than Leiberman.