DNI: Iran froze it’s nuke program in….2003!!!

The bush/cheney’s director of national intelligence Mike McConnell issued a new national intelligence estimate which states that Iran SUSPENDED it’s “nookular” weapons program in 2003. That means that bush/cheney have been lying to us for four years….AGAIN! Read about the NIE HERE. The bush administration has been so hell-bent on bombing Iran that even in the face of this new evidence he STILL continues to engage in his typical weenie-wagging at world leaders.Even the cowards in the white house press corps were asking questions about our credibility in the world. Of course bush won’t change his rhetoric, claiming this PROOF that he and his imbeciles are wrong,has convinced him that he needs to CONTINUE his stumbling,swaggering,smirking stupidity. He leaves out little things like the FACT that Iran wanted to warm up to us but because of his idiotic “axis of evil” statement, they elected a madman and strengthened the radical factions in Iran because they feared US.

Every time I watch bush mumble and stammer through a press conference I am reminded of a line in a Bing Crosby song:”just plain stupid with a stubborn streak”. I also think that it shows a sign of desperation when bush throws phrasing around like “world war three” based on something Iran might consider thinking about learning to do sometime in the future. The world is watching this,I hope the American people are as well.

I think a couple things about this issue. I think that more Americans fear losing their houses than fear something that Iran might consider thinking about learning to do sometime in the future,maybe. I think more Americans want affordable medical insurance than a war with ANOTHER country that poses NO threat to us. I also believe that the VAST majority of Americans know bush is lying,has ALWAYS been lying and will continue to lie to us in order to scare us into bending over for his “agenda”. I have heard more than a few Americans say they believe that bush isn’t above attacking Iran so he can suspend the constitution and declare martial law. The fact that any but a few paranoids think like this is disturbing and SHOULD be waking us up. Those of us who have been paying attention understand the frustration. Democrats don’t seem to have the stomach to challenge bush in any meaningful way. Especially Nancy Pelosie. We all touted the fact that we elected the nation’s first female Speaker of the house. I now think that was a mistake. What our country needed was a tiger. What we GOT was a pussy.