Benazir Bhutto RIP

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto was shot then blown to pieces yesterday while campaigning in her native country.She knew who would be to blame if she was murdered and said so HERE. She had less than effective security and a suicide bomber shot her several times then blew himself up. So bin-slobbin wins again. She had sworn to eliminate the terrorists that Musharraf has granted safe haven. We can also thank the bush/cheney for sending this tin horn despot ten billion AMERICAN taxpayer dollars to make life easier for those who attacked our country on 9/11. The planes and guns WE gave him made this attack possible. Between Pakistan and Afghanistan, WE Americans support these two despots who have no more control or influence in their countries than bush has control of his mouth.

The other tin horn despot WE support is Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan. One minute he is a Unical executive wearing Brooks Brothers suits, and the next he’s the President of Afghanistan wearing that goat skin hat and that stupid cape. Unical wanted a god damn pipeline and they got it. The Taliban runs loose in the northern part of his country and HE doesn’t give a shit. He PRAYS for them. The terrorists run loose, Karzai LETS them do what ever they want and BUSH supports him. Musharraf allows terrorists to run free and loves,cares for and supports them and BUSH supports HIM. SO….bush supports terrorists with AMERICAN taxpayer dollars.

I question the wisdom of Mrs. Bhutto doing what she did the way she did it. BUT I can’t question her courage or dedication to peace and stability in that chaotic,bleeding,hateful and violent part of the world. I assume that despite his statements to the contrary,bush must be pleased with this murder. His foreign policy seems to be to create hate and chaos across the globe. THIS time he has a country with “nukuler” weapons, tearing itself to pieces and about to explode. I’m not sure how, but this MUST benefit bush or his corporate buddies in some way. God help us.