Yet ANOTHER northwest GOP lawmaker who is NOT gay

Get ready to double glove and wash your eyes out with soap,because another “not gay” GOPer has been caught with his lingerie down. Washington State legislator Richard Curtis (R-La Center) from the southwest Washington area,on a pre-session retreat in Spokane to discuss the up-coming state legislative session got himself in a bit of a pickle after dressing up in women’s lingerie, getting caught receiving oral sex in a viewing booth at a kink shop,giving his cell phone number to a guy he met at the kink shop, heading off to a casino, getting a call from the young man-promising him a thousand dollars for sex, meeting the guy,”consummating” the deal, falling asleep (FINALLY, the guy must LIVE on Red bull) stiffing the prostitute, calling the police after the kid stole his wallet,complaining that the kid was blackmailing him by demanding the payment HE promised,making a HUGE stink in the press and then abruptly resigning his seat….position… in the Washington State Legislature and will most likely enter some kind of treatment program soon.Busy week.

Like David Postman writes (in the Seattle Times) how the HELL did this moron think he could call the cops, tell them this story and then keep it quiet? What kind of judgment do folks like this (closeted gay republicans) use when by DAY they rant and rave against gay issues and by NIGHT, they engage in this kind of behavior. Once again, the issue is NOT sexual orientation, it’s the blatant hypocrisy. MY attitude is NOW, and has always BEEN, whatever blows your skirt up, or in THIS case, women’s lingerie. As long as only consenting adults are involved, it’s none of my business. BUT, people who strut around using this pseudo-macho persona to fool neo-tards into voting for them BASED on this persona, and then prance around at night in women’s underpants, engaging in risky behavior leaving them open to blackmail piss me off. THEY have created this atmosphere of hatred and whine when they get caught up in the climate THEY created to get elected. The visual of this creep in panties notwithstanding, this whole situation makes me wretch.