The slow goose step to fascism……..HERE!!!!!!!

It can’t happen here, we’re AMERICANS……..RIGHT? Uhhhhh……RIGHT? Read this NOW! This article,actually condensed from her book, Naomi Wolf writes about her studies of recent (last century) examples of how the worst totalitarian regimes rose to power. The ten step program (pogrom??) has been followed by ALL of the mass-murderers in history, and THIS regime is no different. Of course WE are focused on brittney spears child custody issues and shopping habits or American Idol contestants. We, on the left are being accused of hating the troops,the bible,America,apple pie and the baby jesus if we even squeak about bush’s foreign policy. You will also notice that Ms Wolf’s piece was published in a BRITISH publication.

This is a chilling piece. Read it and weep. Then get pissed. The rats on the right are telling us what lies in our future. Listen and DO something while we still can. Or is it already too late?