Prometa, I’m not dyin anymore

This week, Our county exec signed the ordinance the republicans jammed through cutting funding for the Prometa program at Pierce County Alliance. Shawn bunny is responsible for the NON-scientific document HE and the other GOPers used to smear the professionals at PCA. Of course the local newspaper piled on using extremely,unseemly and lazy “reporting” to smear the County exec AND the professionals at PCA.Even the editorial board missed simple facts like referring to Hythiam as a “pharmaceutical ” company. There were more red herrings than a communist fish monger being thrown around.

There are a couple facts that were left out of the mix. The bunny kept bitching about the lack of double-blind studies available to prove Prometas efficacy. So he relied on the in-house paper his flunkies produced at HIS direction. This thing was called a study to determine the feasibility of doing a performance audit. BUT, once it was done, everyone INCLUDING the local publication started quoting it as if it were words from the mouth of the baby Jesus. Hell, Matt and Bill should go into the instant medical study business being the experts BUNNY claims they are. LOL!!! The bunnie claims to be from a family of scientists. They must have been pretty shitty scientists OR you missed the basic premise of scientific process. Ya see, MOST scientists have a HYPOTHESIS and use tests to see if it holds water. They DON’T reach a pre-conceived conclusion and fix the “facts” to prove it. Schmuck!

The bottom line here is that bunny wants to be the county exec. HE used this issue to claim to be a “steward of taxpayer dollars”. As a shitty by-product HE and the rest of the rats on the council got to smear the PRESENT exec and the professionals at PCA. Let’s all toast his success with a gallon of sausage gravy.

The meeting last Wednesday was a free-for-all of smear. Pierce County is a meth pit known nation wide as the capitol of crime and addiction and labs and tweekers. The ONE little ray of sunshine has been the nationally renown Pierce County Alliance. This excellent, cutting-edge treatment facility was verbally sodomized, it’s staff accused of screwing with numbers in order to cash in on Hythiam stock, accused of using tax dollars to promote and test a product for a private company and ALL in front of a 60 Minutes camera crew and ALL with the silence of the Democrats on the council. GREAT GRANDSTANDING Batman! Bring us another gallon of sausage gravy AND a roast side of beef.

We can only hope that the professionals from CBS news can smell this rat and call BS on the local publication whose complicity in this scam verges on negligence. I don’t know if Prometa “works”, I don’t think anyone really DOES except those who have been through the protocol,and NObody is asking THEM. I want the professionals at Pierce County Alliance to know that WE support them and WE know their work is more important than some creep’s political aspirations. Good luck and God speed PCA.