Peril in Pakistan

The totalitarian administration of musharraf is melting like a Popsicle on a Phoenix sidewalk in July. Pakistan is now a powderkeg and the fuse is lit. Here’s a link. The return of his main rival Benazir Bhutto launched a series of events that further the de-stabilization that bush/cheney and their cronies have been raking in billions from. There are only a couple problems here. Pakistan has “nooular” bombs and delivery systems. Another little complication for US is that Musharraf made a deal with the Taliban AND alquida.(sp) As long as they didn’t cause HIM any problems, they could stay in northern Pakistan unmolested. They have gathered strength,training, momentum and with the idiotic war in Iraq, an enormous boost in recruiting.

There have been a couple disturbing trends in Pakistan that WE here should keep a focused eye on. This dictator has suspended the country’s constitution, desolved the supreme court, blocked lawmakers from entering parliament and cut phone lines and media from the whole country. He has also rounded up his opposition and is holding them without charges and is using paramilitary to control citizens. The last post written on this site dealt with just such a setup HERE. (chilling)

This is a chilling series of events and we should be concerned on many levels. We have NO diplomatic means to intervene because our Sec-state is too busy trying to keep HER own agency from exploding. She lacks the personel, OR the knowledge OR ability to do anything effective. Bush has so broken ties with and burned bridges with the region that HE can’t do anything and then there is the “nooular” thing.

Having a “leader” who swaggers around like a drugstore cowboy smirking and tripping over his stupid tongue is fun to make fun of when conditions aren’t quite so dangerous. The fact that our head diplomat can’t even get along with her own staff and the dope-in-chief’s choice for AG doesn’t know whether torture is legal or not is hilarious. Dark dick cheney can’t tell the difference between Venezuela and Peru. The house minority leader is a drunk, the Senate minority leader has no chin. Great stuff. BUT the world is on the verge of exploding. We need serious leaders to fix it. I don’t think we have eighteen months to see if the most incompetent administration in history can figure all this out. We can only hope that cooler heads will prevail.