You tell em Steph!!!!

GAWD I LOVE Stephenie Miller. On last week’s spitball with chris “the spitter” mathews, Steph let it slip that the creepy little dink mathews is a “right wing tool”. LOL!! Like none of us know that chris. After you sat there gushing like a thirteen year girl looking at a Justin Timberlake poster, producing rainbows of spit as you described how the old fart fred thompson smells. JESUS, THIS passes for political commentary. You ARE a tool chris, and we all know it. YOU are the only one who doesn’t. By the way. Who WAS that lard bucket that was on opposite Steph? Kevin miller? Who the HELL is HE. AND, where was he when that crazy old bat jean schmidt was calling a thirty year Marine Corps veteran a coward on the floor of the house? Where the hell was HE when HIS party was attacking a thirteen year old boy or a two year old girl? GAWD they’re pathetic. Poor spit boy got his little pink panties in a knot. What a dink.