Watchmen without balls

War, they LOVE war. They hate. They LOVE to hate. They blame American citizens for their inability to sell their crap superstitions. They think jesus hates….fags. The American people don’t (for the most part) buy into this line of hateful bullshit. BUT they will come to YOUR area if they haven’t been there yet. They roll into town and into evangelical “churches” and spew their bullflop and whine about how civilization is being destroyed by gay American citizens. They call themselves watchmen on the walls. Here’s a story by our local TV news station. And here’s an example of the puke they spew. The local black evangelical hate merchant Ken Hutcherson loves to chime in and wallow in the hatred of gay American citizens. What a pus bag. HEY asswipe, what happens if your heroes in the “christian” right decide to re-instate slavery? Who’s going to stand up for YOU, you hateful,lying piece of garbage? Here’s another odd twist. A LOT of these slimewads aren’t even Americans, they are RUSSIANS. Yep, ex-soviet russians who come here for religious freedom only to declare war on OUR citizens. Screw em.

So, brace yourselves, the imported merchants of satan dressed in jesus’ robes are headed your way. It makes one wonder when they will actually start shooting. It’s not like our justice department gives a shit about American citizens who don’t march in locked goose step with their purveyors of puke and hatred. God, please protect us from your followers.