Run run rummy

As if the United States needed another reason to hang our head in shame, the torturer and incompetent war monger rumsfeld had to flee for his miserable life when he visited France. There were a group of activists waiting for the ornery old coot outside a venue he was speaking at last Friday. They held up signs and shouted the old creep down. They also filed a lawsuit against him and it looks like he could be tried for war crimes if the French could get their hands on the old slime wad. He had to be whisked to OUR embassy and fled in disgrace to Germany where a similar case had been dismissed as an “internal” US matter. I can’t remember the last time a former Sec Def had to flee a country like a common criminal. But of course there’s nothing common about the criminals in the bush administration. There has been NOTHING on mainstream media. Everyone in the WORLD knows about this story…….except us.