Randi Rhodes beaten to a pulp while walking her dog UPDATE!!

My favorite radio talk show host Randi Rhodes was brutally attacked while walking her dog Simon last Sunday night.Details are sketchy at this time, but she apparently was beaten badly enough that she had several teeth (that she just got done having fixed) kicked out. This story hasn’t been reported in the NYTimes or anywhere else that I am aware of. There have been the predictable theories from the left that this was an intentional attack by some cowardly reich-winger, and of course there is the usual bully banter from the right about the second amendment and the liberal criminal-loving heathen rhetoric coming home to roost.

I won’t engage in any speculation at this point. I WILL however say that this incident is getting VERY little if any attention in the media.Jesus. Can you imagine “spongebill”orilley getting HIS teeth kicked out, or sean “hamitup” getting beaten like this and all you hear is crickets chirping? Christ, oxi-rush gets taken to task for calling vets traitors and CONGRESS acts to come to his defense!!

I know I am totally shocked that even in New York a little blond girl like Randi could be so brutally beaten by some coward and be met with such silence. I wish her a speedy recovery and hope the cops find this God Damn monster SOON. We’re thinking of you Randi, get well soon.
UPDATE!! On her show today Randi said that she was watching football at a local bar when she stepped out to grab a smoke. All she remembers is waking up on the ground missing a bunch of teeth, and bleeding from her eye. She has no idea what happened, if she fainted, or was knocked to the ground (she landed teeth first on a metal grate) from behind. All I know is that I’m glad she’ll recover. I LOVE her show I podcast it every day. IF she was knocked over on purpose, I hope they catch the maggot and throw a couple books at him/her. If she fainted, I hope they find out why and fix it. I’ll leave the screaming up to the likes of fish head malkin. I’m just grateful that she’s well and back on the air.