Pete Stark, a REAL man, a Democrat

It’s about God Damn time. FINALLY, a REAL Democrat had the nerve to react to the GOPers attacks on the children of working Americans. After the SCHIP bill failed to muster enough support to overide the rat bastard in chief’s veto AGAIN, Rep Pete Stark stood up on the House floor and told it like it IS! You can hear the California Congressman’s remarks here. Of COURSE the reich-wing smear merchants went into overdrive in fits of frenzied apoplexy, that’s to be expected. Fish-face malkin attacks two-year-old girls and twelve year-old boys. It goes to character. But pelosi. Jesus. Now SHE’S attacking him too. I guess her idiotic response goes to character as well, JUST LIKE MALKIN! I assume the d-trip emanuele has HIS panties in a bunch as well, because HE is a dog-log Democrat that wants to recreate the Democratic candidates into flaccid robots HE thinks Americans will vote for. WRONG…. BOTH of you limp-dicks. After the last election, we all cheered because we elected the first woman speaker of the house. Well, I didn’t care about gender, I care about COMPETENCE. She has been a miserable disappointment. One thing Americans hate is a pussy. I have heard with my own ears a Democratic candidate say” I can’t talk about that because they’ll make us look weak on(fill in the blank)”. THAT CANDIDATE LOST, and will probably loose again.

Congressman Stark has served a long time. He has been a champion for little kid’s health care for a long time. He is right. Look for the lie in his remarks, you won’t find one. Look for the backbone in our (Democratic) leadership, likewise, you won’t find one. The time has come to call a spade a spade. Madam Speaker, YOU are the only thing standing between a landslide Democratic victory in next years election and a shocking humiliating defeat. If you lack the stomach to fight back against the vast right-wing machine, step down and let someone who cares more about our soldiers, little kids health and American values lead. Your zeal for civility plays well in the PTA, but NOT in hardball politics.Grow a set or get out.