Perky katie squares off against Valerie Plame

Speaking of right-wing tools, Valerie Plame and her husband Jack Wilson graciously invited the network news destroyer katie couric into their home for a 60 minutes piece on Ms Plame’s new book Fair Game.First off, Valerie Plame is BEAUTIFUL! She is smart, REAL smart and has served our country with honor and dedication. On the other hand, creepy katie (what the HELL is up with her eyes???) read her questions in a robotic, zombie-like manner, showing that she KNEW she was in the presence of someone who wouldn’t suffer fools lightly.It speaks loudly that even a former great news magazine in the last two weeks has devolved into a cowering tool of the republican party. LAST week that cute, blond British broad did a puff piece on prince eric, owner of blackwater, the evangelical murder incorporated GOP donor company. Now, they have creepy katie (No, really, what the HELL is up with her eyes??!!) asking why Valerie and Jack are so “partisan”. JESUS katie, let’s SEE. Her husband was sent to Niger to look into false claims the REPUBLICAN president was making as a case for war against a failing nation that posed NO threat to us. He was sent BY the REPUBLICAN vice (and I DO mean VICE) president. When the REPUBLICAN sec state LIED to the UN AND the world about the false claims and THEN the REPUBLICAN president LIED to the world about the same false claims during the state of the union speech, THEN the REPUBLICAN sec def ATTACKED Iraq based in part ON that made-up “intell” KNOWING it was a lie. A year after the invasion, her husband Jack wrote an op-ed piece called “What I DIDN’T find in Niger” explaining that the docs involving the false claims WERE forged and ALL the REPUBLICANS involved KNEW it. The REPUBLICAN vice (and I STILL mean vice) president became so outraged that he called for REPUBLICANS karl rove, scooter libby, richard armitage and other REPUBLICANS to attack Mr Wilson and his WIFE, an undercover CIA agent investigating WMD in Iraq and elsewhere in the middle east and central asia. A REPUBLICAN columnist robert “the traitor” novak outed her as a CIA agent and then the next day printed the brass plate company Brewster Jennings that the CIA had developed over decades as a cover to investigate the worst regimes in the world’s efforts to obtain “nooular” weapons. The REPUBLICAN media attacked her AND her family, blinded the American intell efforts to keep us safe from “nookular” attacks and slimed anyone who dared stick up for her. The REPUBLICANS KNEW she wasn’t at liberty to defend herself because, unlike them, SHE was sworn to secrecy. JESUS, katie, did you NOT read your copy, or did you NOT report on this outrage because it would embarrass her hero bush/cheney. When she asked Valerie why she and Jack were SO partisan, Valerie’s eyebrow went up, my jaw dropped and 60 minutes credibility went into the tank.

The once lofty CBS news division has sunk out of sight in the ratings and now creepy katie is doing for 60 minutes what she did for nightly news. I ask myself JEEZE, what’s next? Are they going to have a nightly news dream wedding contest? An expose on hemlines? CBS is scrambling find a “co-anchor”, preferably a male with SOME degree of credibility. I don’t think even bringing back Walter Chronkite would budge them off the bottom of the ratings barrel. After this latest debacle, it makes clear why they call creepy katie an anchor.