Oxi-rush finally scores the trifecta of thuggery

Just when you think he can’t go any lower in his zeal to protect bush, the drug gulping, gas-bag digs yet another hole for himself. During the last election, he went on a rant mocking Micheal J Fox’s disease, wiggling around claiming Fox was faking his symptoms. A couple weeks ago, he stated that any military people who had a problem with the bush idiotic foreign policy were “phony soldiers”,launching into a tirade attacking their service and basically lying and doing the same old smear job he did against Kerry and Max Cleland and anyone else who has the nerve to tell the truth. THEN he whines and moans claiming HE’S the victim. HE’S the one being picked on and lied about. NOW, when bush has the bad judgment to veto the schip bill, rush jumps in to attempt to spin him into Jesus again. When a twelve year old boy horribly injured along with his sister in a car wreck was asked to tell his (true) story about how the CHIP health insurance program saved his life, (predictably) oxi-punk attacks HIM, and his family. Read about it here. JESUS H CHRIST! This limp-dick viagra gulping, Dominican Republic sex-slave cruising slime wad accuses a KID of lying and acting as a human shield in some oxicontin inspired conspiracy to make bush look evil. (breaking news asswipe, bush doesn’t NEED help to look evil) I also heard that the scrawny fish-face michelle malkin is actually stalking this working family’s home and business, doing her damn level best to make them look like frauds and liars, and if the facts don’t back her up, she’ll make up a bunch of shit and spew it out of her puke pen. JESUS what a creep.

So now he’s done it all. Oxi-rush has attacked sick people, the soldiers he and the rest of the GOP has been using as a prop and as human shields all these years and NOW he’s attacking little kids and their working class families.As a talk show host, I have to suffer the idiotic spew that comes out of my colleagues on the right. But just like any other segment of show business (and this IS show business) there are good parts and bad parts. Then there are the body parts. I’ll leave it to YOU to figure out what body part oxi-rush is.