Oral Robert’s money machine

There are many reasons that I shun organized religion. I don’t want to be brainwashed by a preacher who is no closer to God than any other human on the planet. In order to be a good Christian nowadays, you have to do what you’re told,vote like you are told and give these guys money….LOTS of money. To paraphrase George Carlin Jesus is all powerful, omnipresent, but he just can’t seem to get enough money. He always has money problems and needs huge sums to keep his thing going in heaven. Churches and their preachers are always so NEEDY. In order to glorify themselves, they need a bigger building, a band, camera equipment, the ability to broadcast and cars,clothes,jewelry and hair care products and services.

The latest among MANY cases of alleged religious fraud and tax evasion involve the son of Oral Roberts. Richard Roberts is being sued by a couple former employees for unfair firing after they blew the whistle on some political activities Roberts forced his minions into. He and his wife also allegedly spent a LOT of their flock’s money on themselves. They have a private jet. What kind of jet would Jesus fly? Anyway, they used the church jet to fly their kid to the Bahamas. Roberts wife stands accused of providing church payed cell phones to under-aged boys and texting them at all hours of the night. Read more about this case here.

The owner of blackwater USA is Eric Prince, I call him prince eric. He is a fair-haired evangelical christian who hires the worst God damn monsters on the planet and turns them loose on unarmed civilians to kill at will with no remorse or accountability…..for money LOTS of taxpayer money. I don’t have to say much more than Ted Haggard to show why I keep my kids away from christian churches. I have many friends who are evangelical christians, we don’t talk much about politics. My problem with all of these frauds and liars and hypocrites is that we PAY them. We pay them LOTS of taxpayer money in “faith-based” bribes.There are many things these people won’t get from me. They won’t get my money, my kids OR my vote.

UPDATE!!!! Glove up and get ready to wash out your eyes with soap after reading this update. The smoking gun has released the coroner report of how baptist preacher Gary Aldridge died in his home last June. Now keep in mind that baptists think DANCING is kinky because it could lead to lustful behavior. THIS guy was preaching this kind of crap on Sunday and getting tied up, dressed in not ONE, but TWO wet suits and rubber underpants with an object inserted in a body cavity.(check the personal effects) Now I don’t consider anything a consenting adult does in the privacy of their own home any of my business, but sexual hijinks is NOT the issue here. Once again, it’s the blatant hypocrisy. As usual… again. “God save us from your followers”.