FEMA’s phoney philbin resigns after staged press debacle

FEMA conducted a press conference about what a “heck of a job” they were doing in response to the California wild fires. They bragged about all the cots and food and water they provided. The softballs were flying around like a high school girls gym class. The guy at the podium was responding so well it looked like he was reading from a script. The “reporters” were asking just the right questions and boy, FEMA came off looking like experts. The trouble is, it was all a set up. The “reporters” were FEMA hacks pretending to be reporters. Here’s an example of how to NOT try to fool all the people all the time. What, guckert/gannon wasn’t available? This is yet ANOTHER example of why the GOP shouldn’t be in charge of anything much less government agencies.Philbin resigned and won’t be getting the job of chief of communications for the DNI. There are other resignations in high places because of corruption and incompetence. But the “news” is talking about the Hillary/Obama feud. God help us.