Condi’s draft and IMMUNITY??????

It looks like condi the diplomat is having a hard time convincing the shrinking staff at State to do time in the neo-con paradise known as Iraq. Jeeze, what’s not to love?No taxes, no laws, no burdensome regulations or diplomacy, just kick back and watch the mortar rounds whistle into the green zone. And goodness knows travel is a breeze with the best shoot em up thugs on the planet guarding you. I mean, so WHAT if we are hated there like no other place on earth? The embassy needs SOMEone to keep the lights on for the oil corporation execs. So step on up and take your place on the walls of freedom you sissies.

Condi the diplomat and her screwey crew at the State Department have granted immunity to the blackwater murderers so they can avoid prosecution for the unprovoked murder of Iraqi citizens. The only little problem with that is the State Department has no authority to grant such immunity.But why the hell should laws stop the bush blunderers, it never has before.Of course the numbskull who was supposed to be keeping and eye on these killers has resigned. But the legal case against the mercenaries who kill at will or just for the fun of it is now so muddied and muddled that it will take at least as long as the rest of bush’s term to sort out. By then blackwater will be kicking OUR doors down and smoking OUR kids on their way to school for fun and profit. GREAT job condi. Her wonderful diplomatic skills will soon have OUR country hating itself. What a moron.