Condi strikes again

Well, there she goes again. Our country was attacked on our soil while condi was our national security adviser. Despite all the warnings from the CIA, DIA and every intell organization in the country, she slept at the switch. Unless he’s leering at her ass, she can’t get dub’s attention. So we get our ass handed to us by a bunch of Saudi nationals with box cutters. Saudis. The ones who call dirty dick on the carpet and he goes with hat in hand. Nice.

Apparently bush loves to promote people who either prove themselves to be completely incompetent or have big, round asses. I think condi qualified in BOTH areas because when the Sec State position came open, he nominated her to that post. She is the lead diplomat at a time when our country engages NO one in diplomacy. Maybe bush thinks a diplomat is a store where you buy collage diplomas. Our country has never been more hated than it is right now with condi as Sec State. There are scores of positions in the State Department that remain unfilled because all the serious career diplomats have left in disgust at the way their beloved organization has been mismanaged, similar to the way the Justice Department has been decimated under sleazy Gonzales.

Just as a way to show how incredibly out of touch the condi-corps is, in order to win the hearts and minds of Muslim women, she sent Karen Huge out to lecture them on the wonderful world of “freedoms” democracy offers. She told them they could drive and wear makeup and be just like her. Well, they took one look at that big-boned Texas beef-eater and recoiled in horror. This west texas moron gave thousands of soccer balls with the name of Allah on them to kids in the middle east. Because she is SO stupid and SO completely ignorant to Islamic culture, she had no clue that to a Muslim, the image of Allah is so sacred, they won’t kick a ball with his name on it. As a matter of fact it would be like giving rolls of toilet paper with Jesus’s face printed on it to christian churches. What an ignorant cow.

NOW, condi is blocking investigation of the big GOP donor Blackwater despite allegations of blatant almost daily unprovoked murders of Iraqi citizens. These hired mercenaries with cost-plus,no-bid contracts from the State Department have no oversight or accountability. BUT again, they also show the world that WE not only ignore diplomacy, when our contractors kill innocent women and little kids we protect THEM. Jesus!

So, with almost a year and a half left of the bush-bunglers, we can’t be sure what they’ll do next. But one thing is for damn sure, the media will be behind whatever they try to pull off. Condi will do more stupid and insensitive stunts and the media will continue to ignore them in favor of stories about haircuts, OJ and the hue of Obama’s skin. It’s hard to find any information about what our state department does because they do so little. Except enrage the entire globe against us, that is.