College republicans use ignorant terms to attack Islam

An article appeared in Saturday’s Seattle Times about college republicans presenting a week-long event they call “Islamo-fascism week”. The week of ignorant diatribes against a religion is being sponsored by a recent graduate of Duke University and Horowitz’s “freedom center”,so much for higher education at Duke university. The alumnus must be so proud. This is disturbing on many levels, but I’ll try to focus on just a couple.

First, the word “fascism” is a political/economic system whereby corporations team up with the political elite to control and drain the citizens of a country or combination of countries and achieve absolute control of and power over the masses. It’s all about money and power, NOT religious dogma.Sounds more like bush/cheney than bin-slobbin, huh? Second, There are a LOT of forms of Islam,like Sunni and Shea for example. But, like bush/cheney it serves their purpose better to lump them altogether. THAT way they can just spout off about all Muslims wanting to kill all christians and Jews because their Holy book says so. JESUS, if I ever encounter ANY christian who DOESN’T claim to have read the Quran I’ll give him a hardy handclasp.

So, the junior GOPers will spend a week yelling 9/11 terrst killers, murderers, 9/11, bush is a hero fighting the global war on terra, and all Democrats are commie/traitors who love the terrsts and hate the bible, blue-eyed baby boys and kittens and jesus.

Just keep in mind who bush loves. He has botched the occupation of an unarmed foreign nation for the benefit of his friends in the ahl bidness, the continued chaos helps private contractors steal BILLIONS from the American people without oversight while they kill innocent women and their children and the State Department defends the CONTRACTORS who give millions to the GOP. The telecoms spy on us for the “gummint” the defense contractor owned media give the GOPers a free pass on everything from attacks on twelve year old boys to election fraud and still give millions to the GOP. Who’s the fascist? Think it over college republicans.