Call ’em NOW!!

Pete Stark told it like it is. His party “leaders” won’t back him up. We need to call his DC office with our support. Here’s the DC office number 202-225-5065, and here’s his web site. This guy is a brave voice for seventy percent of the American people. He needs your support. Apparently, the reich-wing has a smear campaign aimed at him. The calls his office is getting are mostly negative. It’s up to US to support him because his own party “leaders” have turned their back on him.

SOMEHOW the doglog Democrat Rahm Emmanuelle got the chair of the D-trip, or Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. This idiot schmuck is raving against Rep Stark. The chickenshit Dems who run these campaigns think the American people will vote for the robotic bland candidates they put forward and train to say things like “I’m for education, the environment and heathcare”, and NOT do battle with the evil forces they face. WRONG!!! He needs a call too. Here’s his DC number 202-225-4061 and HIS website. Call his office and express regret that he has joined forces with the Republicans.

Steny Hoyer is yet ANOTHER doglog Dem who has a problem with fellow Democrats talking out loud about what is actually going on in DC. Call his office and clarify that we ARE paying attention and we aren’t as stupid as he thinks. As a matter of fact HE is the one who is out of touch and should just shut up and let someone who is willing to speak up DO IT and he should just cower in his office. Here’s HIS DC number (202) 225-4131, Here is his website. Call him.

Now, we come to the worst of the worse. I remember election day in ’06 when I woke up to find that Dems had won BOTH houses of congress. Oh, how proud we were when they elected the first woman speaker of the house. There’s just one little problem. She has been a miserable failure. She caves in to the rats instead of fighting them. By taking impeachment off the table, she has enabled bush to do whatever he wants with impunity. She allows bills that destroy the constitution, our credibility among voters and has destroyed any upper hand Dems had in the next election. She needs to be told that no matter WHAT gender she is, she is a failure, complete and utter. She either needs to shut up, start supporting her own party or get the hell OUT, go back to San Fransisco and be civil there, because our country is at stake. Civility my ass. When the GOP is attacking twelve year old boys and two year old girls, our soldiers from grunts to General officers and getting AWAY with it, what does that tell you Nancy? YOU are the problem NOT Pete Stark. YOU are the ONLY one who could botch the next election for us. GO HOME! Or stand and fight. I doubt you have the guts. Here’s HER DC number (202) 225-4965 and her website.

I am an elected Precinct Committee Officer, I am on the executive board of my district and county Democratic parties. WE are the ones who knock on doors, make the phone calls, stuff the envelopes and conduct the caucuses. We stand on corners and wave the signs and talk with our neighbors about the Democratic party and why they should support our candidates. The party”leadership” is making our jobs impossible. I am asked twenty times as often why we don’t stand up to the the bushies as how they can get involved. Like I said. Either HELP us convince them or just shut the hell UP!!!