Bin slobbin got away under bush’s watch…AGAIN!!

According to Colonel David Hunt US Army Ret, the bush dimwits had bin slobbin in their sights, everything lined up and refused to pull the trigger….AGAIN! Now granted, this piece was published as an OP ED at fox news, but this guy is real and he sounds PISSED. It’s a short read and well worth the couple minutes. IF he is right, and I think he IS, yet another opportunity to send the bearded pustule to paradise was missed.

Now why, again, if this story is true, would the most inept and corrupt administration in history just not try to kill this punk? Is he of more value alive? IS he alive? Is there really any such person? Probably yes to all. But can you imagine the strutting, smirking and bragging the smirk in chief could pull off if they actually produced bin slobbin’s DNA on a slab? It could actually win the next election for the rats.

So let us ponder here for a second. Timing is everything in politics. Politics. HMMMM, I wonder if they have been following this schmuck around for a long time, and want to pull this off at just the right minute to gain the best possible political grandstanding. There hasn’t been much in the media about Col Hunt’s piece. This is EXPLOSIVE!! I mean HUGE. To let the guy who we have feared, made a hero in the Muslim world, used for the destruction of our constitution and the complete subjugation slide out from under the sights of the “best hunter/killers” we have is treason, plain and simple. Let’s keep out ear to the tracks and see if this gets any traction.