Who would Jesus butcher?

It looks like (at least at this writing) the hired mercenary corporation Blackwater is getting the hook in Iraq. Traci Kelly, co-host of Equal Time wrote a great post on this group of cut throats. You can see it here. The company founded in 1997 is owned by an evangelical,rich former Navy Seal Erik Prince. This rich,right-wing crazoid hires the best of the best from all over the world and pays them well.Whenever any tinhorn despotic regime collapses, he recruits their “security forces” and sends them out to terrorize whoever is willing to pay them. WE are paying them to the tune of over a half a billion dollars to bully the Iraqi citizens. Erik the Jesus lover also apparently owns an airline involved in the rendition of “enemy combatants”, transporting them to evil,dark places where they are tortured in the name of Jesus, AND the US.
One has to ask, what the hell do you have to do to get kicked out of a hell hole like Iraq?There have been instances where BWs have gone berzerk on Iraqi citizens before and innocent people including women and little kids have been murdered for no damn discernible reason in Iraq and the BWs were spirited out of the country. It is unclear at this time what the status of the “contractors” who opened up on,and killed several Iraqi civilians including a mom and her little kid is.The other issue involves BW’s license to operate in Iraq. The Iraqi government wants them out NOW, they have HAD it with their rayban, dragonskin wearing thugs with automatic weapons roaming their country killing people at will with NO accountability. As a little sidebar to this horrible incident,the law firm that represents BW is headed by Kennith Starr of Whitewater fame. It’s probably just a coincidence but Condi is interrupting her shoe shopping to intercede on BW’s behalf. I’m also sure that it makes NO difference that Prince and his company donates hundreds of thousands to GOPers. AND that his Amway founder billionaire brother-in-law donated millions to the GOP.
So, Erik, who WOULD Jesus kill, and for how much? How much is your soul worth? And Condi, why is it that the only time the Department of State actually TALKS to someone is when a HUGE GOP donor is threatened with accountability for their own satanic actions? Who will BWers kill next? MORE American citizens? ME? Wake up America, this evil bastard is sucking the treasury dry and causing hatred for our country in YOUR name. And of course……in the name of Jesus.