(un-) Happy labor day?

Department of labor secretary Elaine Chao has done for the working people of this country what george bush does for public speaking. Worker safety issues are WAY on the back burner as the recent deaths of six miners and the three who tried to rescue them from a collapsed coal mine in Utah. The Mine safety and health administration is under HER purview. The creepy mine owner Murray bought a played-out mine and sent those guys in there to practice “retreat-mining’ mining techniques. They went in, dug out the pillars of coal holding the roof up and got out (almost ALL of the time) before the tunnel collapsed. This form of mining is “pure profit” as Murry described it, but is so damn dangerous that MSHA seldom lets anyone get away with it. That is unless there is a GOP administration and you have contributed TO the GOP.

I know a few republican union members. (like jews for hitler?) They think their unions are just a drain on their salary. They don’t like Democrats because they think we want to take their guns away. Or they don’t like abortion. GREAT reasons to vote GOP, huh?

Consider that the bush crew appointed a lawyer whose job it was to keep unions out of wal-mart and chair of the National Labor Relations Board. Just like brownie at FEMA, he’s doing a heck of a job. Like everything else bush/cheney does, this appointment reeks of crony capitalist thievery.

There is an election next year that will set the direction of our country for the next couple generations. Whether it’s foreign policy, trade policy,economic policy or worker rights policy the American people, ALL of the American people have a lot at stake in the next election.

So as you enjoy a well deserved day to reflect on what made our standard of life possible, was it all due to the gracious nature of corporations? Or those workers who died in the early twentieth century for organized labor?