Old Fred Thompson’s gettin in

Looks like it’s time to go rent an old beat up pick up for fred to drive to GOP functions in. Fred’s just a good old tobacco-chewing, cigar-chewing aqua velva smelling good old boy from the country…..RIGHT? Wrong. He goes all the way back, not to the back woods, but to DC as a lawyer for nixon. THEN he became an insider lobbyist and then a lazy US senator. The GOP field of candidates for president is so lame, that the old actor is out-polling all but rat-mouth rudy even though he hasn’t officially declared yet. He is supposed to declare this week.It goes to show ya that if the GOP can’t find someone who Americans think is QUALIFIED to be president, nominate someone who they think can ACT like a president. Just what our country needs, right? ANOTHER lazy actor turning what’s left of our nearly destroyed ( BUT, Bush ain’t done yet) country over to another phony DC insider with no conscious, no moral compass and without any regard for the middle class. OK. NOW it’s time for Al Gore to get into this thing.Your country NEEDS you Al. STEP UP!!!!