Larry Craig, poor picked on victim?

Or dirty stinkin liar? 

Jeeze, the GOP senate campaign must be on the verge of a fit of apoplexy. Just when the toe-tapper from Idaho was leaving the national stage, whith the help of “magic-bullet” Spector, he’s alive and claiming he was “railroaded”. Larry’s lawyered up, (Micheal Vick’s lawyer) he has a crisis manager (Monica Lewinsky’s mouth piece) and he had his kids stand up and claim that their dad is no, homo, he’s a he-man. They said he was a “victim of circumstance” just like Curly of the Three Stooges.

Larry is no genius with cell phones. He left a message at some people’s house about his “strateegery”. He THOUGHT he was talking to his lawyer.What a schmuck. He pled guilty almost two months after the offense. The document he signed was VERY clear. OJ’s lawyers couldn’t undo what he did to himself.

The GOP is all about fear and loathing. They also love terror, it has served them well. We have to fear model airplanes, pens, malls, cows and now toilet stalls. What I fear more than all of that is the distraction larry’s defense is going to have at a time when Iraq is still in full sales mode and Iran lurking off in the near future. It’s time to pay attention but not to potty-peepers.