Congressmen Jay Inslee, Adam Smith, and(cell signal permitting) Norm Dicks this week on Equal Time

We’re shooting for a trifecta on Equal Time this week. We have confirmation that Jay Inslee (D-WA) will be calling us at about 12:15 to talk about Iraq and the global implications and consequences of an unprovoked nuclear attack on Iran. Adam Smith (D-WA) will be doing a recored interview with yours truly earlier in the day to discuss his interaction with General Petraeus during the recent House hearings. Rep Smith sits on other committees that have a bearing on these issues as well. Norm Dicks (D-WA) has a LOT of experience with military matters in congress as well as strategic issues. If all this comes together, this should be a VERY interesting and informative hour.

Jeeze I’m proud of our state’s delegation. Well MOST of them.Doc Hastings, R-WA, was chair of the ethics committee while Duke was taking bribes. Ney was golfing in Scotland with Abramoff, and Foley was….paging. Our senators are making a HUGE difference in their endeavors. They ALL make me proud to be from Washington, and even prouder to be a Democrat.