Rush and rove,two tons of dumb

The bleating, retreating rove got time on limbaugh’s lout-fest to whine about his product failing miserably. With bush polling about the same as castro, rove of course blamed the citizens of this country for being “elitist,effete snobs” who don’t get how smart bush IS. Here’s the born-rich, pampered in Connecticut playboy, with a Harvard MBA, and Yale history major and WE’RE elite. 70% percent of us are effete snobs, right karl? Here’s the audio.Poor karl. It’s typical of a lying bully who is a failure, blame US because HE can’t sell HIS product. THEN he tries to tell us about bush being such a motivated reader. Too bad he didn’t read the PDB iin August 01. OR the advice of the Generals who told him that invading Iraq would open the gates of hell. Turd blossom is bitter because we’re ON to him. He lost, and he knows it. I suppose oxi-rush blames radio listeners because of his sagging ratings. Rove is pathetic and so is rush. The bullshitng bullies babbling about how stupid WE are. Now THAT’S entertainment.