mitt’s magic morman underpants military!

Slikcky-boy mitt really stuck his stupid foot in his big mouth. When asked about his big support for bush’s war for big oil and why his sons aren’t over there in Iraq keeping us safe from the heathen Iraqis, he astonished the crowd with a really stupid answer.He said that there is an all-volunteer Army and his sons had chosen different career paths. Typical chicken-hawk answer. But then he took a turn that left me slack-jawed. He said that his oldest son had purchased the family motorhome and was traveling all the counties in Iowa trying to get him elected.THAT’S how his son had chose to serve our country, running around on a joy ride serving MITT’S best self interest! Military famlies went nuts, how DARE he compare his ass-wipe chicken-hawk slicky boy brats campaigning for HIM to what their loved one are forced to do in Iraq! Of course he claims to have “mis-spoke”. NO SHIT!! Of course the mainstream corporate media gives mitt a free pass. Chris”the spitter” mathews will continue to gush about how good his hair gel smells and what good grooming mormans have. Tim russart will ask how he became SUCH a manly man. But I have a suggestion for mitt and his chicken boy brats.

Mitt, why don’t you and your service-minded droolers do this: put on your magic mormon underpants and GO to Iraq. After all mormons know a LOT about the massacre of un-armed men,women and children. Dump the motor home and grab a hummer and kill for jesus. Come on, your magic mormon underpants are better than dragon skin, so get that CD of the mormon tabernacle choir blasting onward christian soldiers like the helicopters in apocalypse now, and kill,kill,killl! THEN come back and run for president. Asswipe.

Mitt “rotney” won the Iowa straw poll. For EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS, he got 31% of the vote. Shows how many mouth-breathers eight mil can buy.