Larry Craig,Stall gazer, toe tapper…. OH, and Republican Senator

The conservative GOP supposed homophobe from Idaho Larry Craig was arrested, booked and pleaded guilty to conduct unbecoming to a neo-tard. Unbecoming, but NOT uncommon. It seems that anonymous gay sex in public men’s rooms is becoming all the rage among the family values crowd. The police report can be seen here. Florida state rep(robate?) Bob allen got caught trying to “suck-up” to an undercover cop in yet ANOTHER pottyroom prowler incident. After this McCain state campaign chair got caught slack-jawed offering twenty bucks to an undercover cop to perform….oral hijinks on him, you’d think closeted queens like craig would be more discrete about trolling toilets for…companionship.

Craig flatly denies being gay. OK. The last couple decades, he has been implicated at least six times in this kind of conduct, including the 1982 page scandal. Maybe he’s NOT gay. Maybe he’s just bi-curious, or likes to mix it up a bit. His main problem seems to be a corner he has painted himself into. There shouldn’t BE any shame in being gay. But being hateful towards American citizens who happen to be gay is hip with the people who vote republican. So where does he go from here? He was arrested, has plead guilty and been sentenced. It’s a bit late to try to claim his actions as being misunderstood. It’s a tough spin. I’ll bet his wife took away his boner pills and will be traveling with him a LOT more. He is the darling of the NRA.I would assume that they won’t be using his name much anymore. And think of the children.

Maybe the media released this story to take some of the pressure off of the gonzo-gone story. Who knows? But it’s out there larry. And it’s got legs. As far as I’M concerned, the issue here is not being gay. The issue is (like Foley, guckert/gannon or Vitter the diapered whore-monger, or ted haggard) hypocrisy. From torture to bribery to spying on American citizens to the inept way they govern, the GOP is BAD for America. I pray the American voter is paying attention.