Karl “turd blossom” rove hits the road

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for awhile you know that Karl Rove, bush’s longtime political adviser has left the bush team,or will by the end of the month. The media keeps referring to this thief, liar and traitor as some kind of genius.As I made clear in a previous post here at ETR, I think that assessment is good old fashion texas bullflop.

BUT, rove is leaving. Let’s take a look at his successes. He was a master smear merchant. He morphed Max Cleland into osama bin slobbin. Senator Cleland was a Viet Nam combat veteran who wound up a triple amputee, and rove made him look like a traitor, winning the senate seat for saxby chambliss, a no doubt piece of crap. Good job. He was a master of two-word attack slogans like “flip-flop” and claiming that John Kerry “looked french”. He destroyed John McCain in 2000 with push polls asking if a GOPer would be likely to vote for him if they knew he fathered an illegitimate black child, or if they would vote for him if they knew his wife was a drug addict. Smart,huh? He was able to turn a uniting moment like 9/11 into a politically divisive partisan club, squandering global goodwill for GOPer political gain. He also has Democratic “political advisers” like Donna Brazille shitting their pants in fear of him. As recent as yesterday she said that Democrats have more to fear with him behind the scenes than out in the open. Inept cowards like her and bob schrum made rove LOOK like a genius because they cowered before his bullish attacks. They wouldn’t only not fight back, but wouldn’t even respond! Americans HATE someone who won’t fight back, THAT lesson can’t be ignored in the next election or we’ll be saying president mitt or (GAWD forbid) president rudy.
Let’s now look at turd-boy’s failures.He ran ashcroft’s senate race where ashcroft was beaten by a dead guy. Seven out of ten Americans HATE bush and his whole crew. The attempt to give social security to corporations went over like a fart in a two-man submarine. The terry Shiavo thing damn near scared the whole country to death, having the government sticking their nose into a highly personal issue like this horrified us ALL. He personally exposed a vital CIA program for political revenge, blinding us in middle east nuclear weapon programs. The cheap labor illegal immigration bill fell into a million pieces, splitting their base. He thumbs his nose at congressional subpoenas. He lied to grand juries and congress. It looks like he has direct ties to abramhof and jeff guckert/gannon. He SHOULD be under arrest and may STILL be at some point soon.
No, I won’t miss this evil cheater and I, as a Democrat don’t fear him. His day has come and gone. His brand of barely-legal politics has run it’s course. ANYone who uses his “expertise” won’t be able to hide it, his fingerprints will be obvious. They’re the ones with the blood of 3600 American soldiers on them.