Jay Inslee, you da man

At a time where Congress is polling lower than bush, it is perceived as timid and NOT doing oversight on a run-away train that is the administration. There have been more investigations on this issue in the last six months that the last ten years. One of the Congressmen from our state of Washington has introduced a resolution calling for the investigation of sleazy gonzoles as to whether he has committed the requisite amount of felonies necessary to bring about impeachment. Read about it here. The Congressmen sponsoring this resolution are all former prosecutors and judges. They are also more interested in truth and justice than partisan politics. They are all Democrats. So far. But IF this passes and we get a real look at just what gonzo did and his pathological pattern of lies and half (quarter?) truths in testimony under oath, I believe that the GOP will have no choice but to sign on. Good work Jay, we’re proud of you. You are doing what the American people elected Democrats to do. They expect the Dems to grow a set. You got brass ones, spread it around.
BTW, Congressman Inslee (D-1st Wa) is scheduled to call our show tomorrow at the bottom of the hour tomorrow.8/03/o7