If rove was bush’s brain, Alberto Gonzales was bush’s bitch. The useful idiot quit today,about a year too late to save any dignity for himself or the thick headed imbecile bush. I understand that loyalty is the only thing bush cares about. He puts that ahead of ability to do the job, honesty, morality or humanity. That’s why cheney still works there. BUT, sleazy gonzolas was such an embarrassment to not only the administration, but the whole country, he HAD to go. HE hired twenty-something pat robertson “law school” graduates to run the DOJ because they are so unqualified and SOOOO ignorant of the law, they will do ANYthing they were told, legal or not. HE signed off on torture, something this country has fought wars to stop. HE legalized kidnapping and murder. HE signed off on illegal spying on American citizens. HE stood up for bush’s “signing statements”, making bush immune to ALL laws. HE demolished the Department of Justice,causing massive exodus of career Justice Department lawyers and investigators.HE politicized federal prosecutors, firing those who wouldn’t do the bidding of the GOP.

Like MOST bush-butt-buddies, gonzo leaves a Katrina size mess in his wake. Can you imagine a federal prosecutor standing in front of a jury talking about truth, or justice, or honesty or anything else? Can we ever take anything the DOJ talks about seriously? What if bush finds someone WORSE to take gonzo’s place? It’s possible. His track record isn’t exactly stellar.In fact, in MY eyes, the sleazy one has darkened my opinion of a DEMOCRAT! I’ll NEVER forget Joe Biden’s infamous seven words at his confirmation hearing. “I like you. You’re the real deal”. I’ll never forget OR forgive Biden for that butt-smooch remark. Because the Deomcrats were deaf to us screaming to not confirm this evil, stupid bastard, our country won’t be a free country for at LEAST a generation.

It’s getting lonely at the White House. All of bush’s enablers are suddenly finding a need to spend more time with their families. They are leaving DC faster than a bat out of hell with it’s tail on fire. Can’t be fast enough to suit me. It will take a generation or two to repair our country. To quote Roy Clark, “Thank God and Greyhound you’re gone”.