glenn beck,what a schmuck

For SOME reason, CNN headline news hired reich-wing bloviator glenn beck to host a daily one hour show on it’s desperately slanted, fox-wannbe “news” network. The blond dumb shill’s latest foray into dumbing down American cable “news” watchers involves a secret one-on one-half meeting with bush. Think Progress has a piece on this “meeting” here with all the gushing video. beck claims to have challenged bush on occasion. Must have been hard to do with his lips sutchered to bush’s ass. Here’s an ass-wipe who wants to strangle Micheal Moore OR shoot him. Now he’s just all atwitter because bush conned him into singing to the choir. What a moron. He’s gets played like a jukebox (among hundreds of OTHER “journalists”) and thinks HE’S something special. I wonder if the brilliant beck has thought about the fact that bush MUST be pretty desperate to call friendly fools like him to get their support. Jesus, what a schmuck. Beck was all gushy like spitball mathews giggling like a thirteen year old girl about how phony fred thompson smells. Come on CNN, you must think we are REALLY stupid. Good luck with your summer book.