Former bushie HHS director pulls the plug for prez

Former Wisconsin governor and Health and Human Services director tommy thompson pulled the plug on his flailing bid for the GOP nomination for president after an abysmal sixth place showing in the Iowa straw poll. He seemed to be the dream candidate for the job because of his credentials. He was a loyal “bushie” having served as Sec health and human services. The bushies don’t believe in either health OR human services, so they picked the right guy for the job. The ONE crowning achievement came when Billy Tauzin (R-LA) jammed the medicare “drug bill” through congress using a bill WRITTEN by and FOR big Pharmaceutical corps,lies and greatly understated stats on cost to us poor schmuck American taxpayers. After all the arm-twisting, delays on voting, and downright immoral antics the damn dirty thing passed. Tauzin abruptly resigned from congress and took a multi-million dollar job with a phama lobbying firm despite there being laws ststing one had to wait a year before the big pay-off for his efforts. When there was a little tiny protest(leave it to a coward media) tommy issued what he called an “ethics waiver” making the whole damn mess “legal”. Audrey and I had a GREAT time with this outrage. We even had an “ethics waiver” of the week. Bye Bye tommy, don’t let the “ethics waiver” hit you in the ass.