Ari Schweinfleischer spreading the…….word

15 million bush donor dollars are being used to sell bush/cheney’s war in Iraq. With public support of this mis-adventure dropping like a safe full of anvils, the neo-tards think a bunch of madison avenue style TV commercials are going to sway us, and convince us everything we see with our own eyes and read is all wrong, and this debacle is actually worth one more dead American soldier.Former ineffectual White House spokes-liar ari schweinfleischer leads a bunch of bush bots who call themselves “freedom’s watch”. Check out their dog and pony show here.IF this were three or even two years ago, there might be a small chance that this ad campaign could have had an impact. But there has been a LOT of dirty water flowing under the bridge. Since right before the last general election the GOPers have been in a non-stop free fall. The “dukester” being hauled away to prison, Jack the ripper abramoff in disgrace, the foley boy humper scandal, the Katrina scandals, rummy being fired, Bob ney pleading guilty, Scooter, Plame-gate, david vitter the diaper wearing whore monger on and on and on. NOW, several of the GOP caucus are going to NOT run for re-election because of scandals and federal investigations.

In the last few years, they have tried LOTS of bumper-sticker sales techniques like “stay the course”, “fight em over there so we don’t have to fight them over here” “Support the troops, and attack phrases like ” cut and run”,” slow bleed” and call anyone who challenges them traitors and freedom haters. All that has netted them about 25% support. so what do they have left? Money, LOTS of money. They are SO committed to bush, they raise money NOT to help the troops on the ground OR their families, but to prop up HIS flailing policies.

Now with all that being said, who do you suppose they are targeting and trying to influence?The 71% percent who oppose this mess? OR are they trying to stop the hemorrhaging from their OWN supporters? The compliant media has done all IT can to dumb us all down, the slogans they come up with are snappy, they have done their best to vilify those who disagree with them AND bush even invoked nutty and inaccurate comparisons to Viet Nam. Still no movement. What do they have left BUT money?

THIS time the opponents aren’t being quiet. General officers are retiring early and speaking out, are running very effective ads to counteract the red-white- and blah ads from the bushies. They are weak on this issue and they know it, AND they know WE know they know it. Ari is SO inept that he couldn’t even even name the Veteran they used as a prop. You’re doing a heck of a job ari.