Your tax dollars at play

Picture the largest embassy in the world, the most expensive embassy on earth. By golly, you’d suppose it would be one beautiful facility ….right? It is being built with the best contractors the American government who support our troops, unlike us America-hating liberals, could find ….right?Well, read this .The workmanship provided by the imbeciles the bush administration pays WAY too much money is of such poor quality it would damn near be funny if our troops weren’t suffering and dying as a result. Not to mention, you would think that the people who built Iraq in the first place could manage to re-build their own country. There is no better way to fight “terrsts” than with a good job. The bush a-holes are trying to provide the neo-tard paradise they envision as a new world order. It consists of stealing as much money as possible from the American taxpayers and when THAT runs out, steal as much oil from Iraq for the next thirty years as possible.

There are now more private contractors in Iraq than Americans. There are NO new building projects in Iraq that would pass a building inspection here in the States. But that’s not the point. Why make a good building when you can use slave labor to rake in hundreds of billions of American taxpayer dollars? And as for the Iraqis who built everything from houses, universities and those palaces WE now occupy? They are unemployed and the only thing they are building is IEDs. God help us.