Well, there he goes again

Our dear leader has been stroking his almighty pen again. THIS time he has in essence outlawed ANY dissent regarding his occupation of Iraq. Read it and weep for your country. OK congress, it’s time to for GOD’S SAKE stand up and protect the constitution GOD DAMMIT! We elected you to SOLVE some of these hitlarian tactics from the white house. My dear GOD, what’s it gonna TAKE! He castrates you, makes you irrelevant and NOW threatens to confiscate the personal PRIVATE property of those AMERICAN CITIZENS who DARE to disagree with him and his evil flunkies. STAND UP, GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!!
upon reflection It occured to me after I wrote this post that by definition the worst impediments to progress toward peace and reconstruction efforts in Iraq are the CONTRACTORS. ALL of them. They can’t provide electricity, water, food, infrestructure,security or employment to the Iraqi people. SOOO, the NEXT president should confiscate the property of Halliburton, KBR blackwater and ALL the rest of the contractors property,money AND stock and use those assets to rebuild what bush/cheney destroyed.