Webb VS Graham,Combat vet VS sissy-boy “confirmed bachalor”

Sunday got spicy when Senators James Webb took Lindsay Graham apart on Tim Russart’s GOP campaign ad, Meet the Press. See it here. Graham the bush/rove ass-licker trotted out all his best stuff and Webb was having NONE of it. The GOP has been getting away with using our military as props,for years now and we are ALL sick of it. But not as sick as James Webb an actual combat veteran,former Sec Navy and whose son now serves in Iraq. Bless you Sen Webb for FINALLY having the nerve lacking in the Democratic party to shove all the bumper-sticker bullshit down fragile Lindsay’s lily-white throat. It’s about time someone pointed out to a-holes like Graham that the People who serve overseas have opinions too(well-reasoned ones) and they aren’t rove robots or lindsay lemmings. THEY realize better than ALL of us that the administration is using them as cannon fodder for big oil and private contractors. Poor Lindsay almost looked like he wanted to scratch Jim’s eyes out because he couldn’t shut him up with the GOP talking points. It is a great and uncharacteristic piece especially considering it was on russart’s show.