Was Pat Tillman murdered for his Iraq views?

Pat Tillman was an Arizona Cardinal (ARIZONA Cardinal, still sounds weird) with a huge contract and a huge future ahead of him. But after 9/11 he quit the NFL and joined the Army so he could chase down and kill the bastards who hit on that awful day. He served nobly with honor until he was killed in Afghanistan. He was honored as a war hero with the typical K-bar in the teeth “go on without me, I got your back” the same way that cute little girl Jessica Lynch was earlier in the war. He was awarded the silver star and given a hero’s burial with honors in the press and from rummy and bush. The problem IS, it was all a lie.

The administration used him like bin-slobbin uses Iraq… as a recruiting poster. His mom sensed something fishy and said so in public. She single-handedly went forth and got results. The next story out of the DOD was that he was killed accidentally by friendly fire. Pat Tillman expressed doubts about the wisdom of moving our terrist operations to a country that posed no threat to us and had nothing to do with 9/11. Those expressions may have got him killed by his own people. This story shines a light on the latest information the administration doesn’t want us to know, and fought hard to protect. (through executive privilege of course)

This story is yet another in a long list of lies and deceptions the administration has used to sell this putrid distraction from the hunt for the rats who attacked us on our own soil. There can be no doubt that the administration has always been desperate to sell this damn thing as some grand battle for christianity and family values. Whatever it takes. Now it looks like CPL Tillman was murdered by his own brother soldier. No WONDER the bush/cheney crew didn’t want this leaked. IF they find out who actually did the shooting, he will probably be convicted, but was this an inside job to shut him UP? I HATE to think that rummy or his minions would put out a hit on a guy like this but nowadays you HAVE to consider it. Sad.